Excimer Laser Optics

Annealing Sealing windows

Excimer Laser Annealing window

Key features : 308nm Excimer Annealing/sealing Window

a)Material : Fused Silica

b)Customer-specific geometries (lengths up to 1,500.0mm)

c)Plane and cylindrical optics within uniform surface quality to minimize potential defects like mura and other performance defects.

a)Very high laser durability

b)Anti-reflective Coated [tabs>99%@308nm ] or uncoated

c)Available with new lens production and regeneration service.

Sapphire Window

1. High Environmental Durability / Easy Deposition

2. Size : 60.0mm x5.0mm(T) / 50.0mm x3.0mm(T)

High-transmittance 99%±@308nm with wide spectrum

Laser Optics

- OC Lens

- Mirror

- Beam Splitter