ELA Excimer Laser Annealing windows

Excimer Laser Optics Product:

- Annealing windows

- Sealing windows

- Sapphire windows, laser tube windows

- OC Lens

- Mirror

- Beam Splitter


- From overhauling to new production

- Proven quality by globally TOP=Tiers in the FPD industry

- Experienced from LB465 LB750 to LB1300+

- Plane and cylindrical optics within uniform surface quality Zero claim from critical defects like SCAN mura, or Optical Energy Density (OED)

- Cost-effcient production / quality equivalent to the original.


308nm Excimer Annealing Window, Sealing Window

a) Material: Fused Silica

b) customer-specific geometries (lengths up to 1500mm)

c) Very high laser durability

d) Anti-reflective Coated or uncoated

e) Available with new lens production and regeneration service