VST Coffee Refractometer

VST Background

VST is a technology development and consulting firm established in 1988. During the past some twenty years, VST has developed more than one-hundred products, some of which you may have used. VST specializes in integrating technologies, embedded firmware and modern materials to make more efficient use of available technology and information. The following is an abbreviated list of products developed and or invented by VST.

Recent Activities and Adoption

April, 2010MoJoToGo™ wins Best New Product at SCAA in Anaheim. MoJoToGo™ is a new APP for the iPhone designed to help users brew coffee to meet Gold Cup standards. MoJoToGo™ includes both Coffee and Espresso modes.

ExtractMoJo™ and related products and intellectual property were acquired by VST in March 2010. VST launched a series of new coffee, espresso and refractometer products for the iPhone® in April, including MoJoToGo™. Recipes and measurements created in ExtractMoJo can be eMailed directly to MoJoToGo, using ExtractMoJo™ v2.0, also released in April.

In 2009 the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and Specialty Coffee

Association of Europe (SCAE) formally adopted products developed by VST to update previously established standards and equipment for measurement of coffee beverages, with a specific charter toward updating standards, educating and improving the quality of brewed coffee beverages throughout the world. ExtractMoJo™ won Best New Product Award for Education and Training at the 2009 SCAA Convention in Atlanta.

Products developed by VST

    • VST ThinPack 6-hr PowerBook Battery, Best New Product MacWorld, 1993
    • World’s First Smart Battery Charger for Apple Computer, 1994
    • World’s first USB product, USB Floppy for Apple iMac August, 1998
    • VST Zip Drive for Apple PowerBook and IBM ThinkPad, Oct 1998
    • First Combination Flash Memory Reader integrated with USB, 1998
    • World’s first FireWire Hard Drive, MacWorld Keynote
    • by Steve Jobs, Jan 1999 (See Video – 2.9MB)
    • World’s first FireWire/USB combination drive, MacWorld Jan, 2000 (See Pdf)
    • FireWire RAID Array, MacWorld KeyNote by Steve Jobs, Jan 2000 (See Video – 15MB)
    • Level III AFIS High Resolution Fingerprint Identification systems for the FBI and the State Police Forensic Crime Labs in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts 2003 (See Video – 14MB)
    • World’s first Refractometer for Coffee Beverages, 2008
    • World’s first Refractometer Software for Coffee & Espresso, 2008
    • World’s first Refractometer for Espresso Beverages, 2009
    • Best New Product, Specialty Coffee Association of America, Education and Training Product, 2009
    • World’s first Universal Refractometer for Beverage Industry: 2010
    • SUGAR, CORN, COFFEE, ESPRESSO, Concentrates, Syrups, Water, Beer, Wine