SYNCFO Coffee Roast Analyzer

Syncfo UCA01 - Color Calibration

SYNCFO 4 in1 Coffee Roast Analyzer

Syncfo 4 in 1 Universal Coffee Analyzer combines moisture meter and coffee roast meter. It can analyze moisture, density, color score and temperature AT THE SAME TIME.

It means no need to move your sample around different meters and adjust quantity of sample constantly. User friendly design and easy to carry.

Syncfo is the best choice for specialty coffee trading companies, coffee roasters and coffee courses.

Syncfo UCA01 - Moisture Calibration

Syncfo UCA01 - Digital Scale Calibration


- Color Scale Analyze

- Density Analyze

- Moisture Analyze

- Caramelization index

- One measurement for 4 data collection


- High precision variable measurement data

- Long life battery inside for all day using

- Secure packing box, easy hand carrie

- Bluetooth connection, easy for data collection

Application for:

- Coffee plantation

- Coffee Shop

- Coffee Research

- Self Roast

- Coffee Roaster

Product Features:

    • Light weighting design
    • Multi function (Green and roasted coffee bean, ground)
    • No warm up needed
    • Minimun sample testability
    • Clear indicator
    • Magnetic charger


    • Anodized Black


    • Standard Version: Analyze the Green bean, Roasted bean, Ground coffee.
    • Professional Version: Analyze the Dry cherry, Parchment, Green bean, Roasted bean, Ground coffee.

Operating Range:

    • Moisture: 1%~20%
    • Density: 100~1000g/L
    • Color: 1~150 (Compatible with SCAA/Agtron Gourmet)
    • Digital scale: 0~1000gr.
    • Temperature: -10~50℃


    • Product: Syncfo UCA-01
    • Display: LED light indicator
    • Color Sensor: Infrared Ray IC Chip Sensor
    • Power Supply:
    • Power adaptor: 110V/220V to 5V
    • Lithium Battery
    • Size: 26x17x23cm( HxWxD)(with cyclone cover)
    • Weight: 2.3kg
    • Certification: CE, FCC

Product Content:

    • Top Unit
    • Button Unit
    • Upper Unit Base
    • Cyclone Cover
    • Bean Plate
    • Measurement Cup
    • Duel Headed Magnetic Charger
    • Moisture calibration Sample
    • Color Calibration Plates
    • Weight Calibration Weight
    • Accessories: Screen size ruler, brush, spoon, cloth
    • Keys (for suitcase lock)
    • Carry on Suitcase

Dimension: 29x56x21cm(HxWxD)

Total Weight: 7kg