Nitro Cold Brew Coffee System

Brewista Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Machine

German Nitro Cold Brew Coffee system

MORNINGBEER - The Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

- Brand New Nitro Cold Brew System。

- No require consuming N2 Gas Cylinder(N2),The N2 gas purification from air。

- The system inject N2 gas mixture into cold brew coffee,the perfect flavor Nitro Cold brew coffee is made。

- Nitro Cold brew coffee is become New fashion style coffee drinks in Europe and America。

- With the specific coffee brew method ,you no need extra Ice brick add,just enjoy fun and drinks after the system process。


~ With smart Nitro gas purification system is pretty simple operation!

~ What a prefect Coffee equipment that so easy to make incredible coffee as beer flavor。

~ No need extra N2 gas cylinder,the system is purification N2 gas from air,No N2 gas consuming parts。

System Specification:

  • No extra N2 gas cylinder required。
  • Flow volume:0.6 l / min(Replace with fast pour disc 5 holes to increase to 1,2 l / min)
  • Common drinks output Temp.:5°C(+/- 1°C)
  • Cooling efficient to flow volume:

10℃dT(15℃ – > 5℃)25.0 l/h

20°C dT(25°C – > 5°C)12,5 l / h

30°C dT(35°C – > 5°C)8,3 l / h

  • Inner Drinks buffer tank:500ml
  • Continue output drinks,cooling system can reach 7°C drinks Temp.(0.5L)。
  • Power electronic:115V / 60Hz / 287.5W
  • Dimension:W17cm / D56cm(With drips tray)H51.5cm(including Tap handle)
  • Weight:17.3kg